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To benefit from the auspicious energy brought by this feng shui star here in 2019, focus on expressing an inspiring quality of energy connected to your dreams, mainly career dreams. This is the “specialty” of this star — to support you in achieving your career goals and to give you wings to soar higher than you ever thought possible. You do not have to fill this area with career-related images,  it is your clear intent that really counts. A small career success related photo or any appropriate item for this area will work equally as well as a big one,  what is important is for you to be really inspired by it. As the East feng shui bagua area is connected to the energy of health and family, it is important not to overwhelm this area with career and work-related images. Subtle work is the way to achieve balance and good feng shui in the East area in 2019.
Excellent Feng Shui energizers, especially when placed in the "South East" Wealth & Good Luck corner. They are the best symbol of Wealth. It should be kept in the "South East" of the living room, everyone will be benefited. Alternately, they can also be hung in all the other rooms. To energize these crystals, wash them in salt water every month. If one has touched them, keep in the sun for about 10 minutes.
Thanks, Victor! The kitchen is in the front of the house and the house does actually face northeast. If the kitchen is not “draining away career luck” per what I read, what feng shui elements can enhance career? Interestingly, our front door opens to a split staircase, i.e., the right hand stir case going up to the main living area and the left hand stair case going down to the basement.

This same balance (or imbalance) takes place in our living spaces as well. Achieving balance within spaces is not only important for the healing of the space and the land it sits on, but also for the occupants residing in and using it. Feng shui is the science of balancing the energy in our living spaces in accordance with nature. While there are many facets of feng shui including furniture arrangement, the Bagua Map, space clearing, and even the modern practice of clutter clearing, the five elements are one of the primary tools used to balance the energy in spaces. The five elements connect us with our homes and our homes to nature and beyond.
A common practice today is to place the toad in the wealth area or corner but NOT on the floor. It is also suggested that you should place it somewhere close to the front door so it can bring wealth from the outside to you. However, it is suggested NOT to place the toad directly opposite of the door because the incoming Qi from the front door would be too strong.
And, of course, because feng shui is all about energy, there is certainly a lot of emphasis on the actual energy of the plants, starting with their specific look and feel to one of the most important factors - their overall health. Having a popular feng shui plant such as the lucky bamboo, for example, struggling to survive, will be quite bad feng shui as compared to another plant with absolutely no specific feng shui reputation but with a vibrant, alive and joyful energy.
For years I have been coaching, assisting, and writing about the process and benefits of decluttering. I am happy to have the opportunity to assist readers in suggesting what can be added to their homes regarding decorating using the five elements. That being said, I want to emphasize that adding things to your home is actually the last step in feng shui.

A feng shui’d room (yes, it’s a verb now) will feel both safe and comfortable. A piece of artwork that’s hung fairly high, or an interesting piece of lighting that’s elevated above the rest of the space, draws the eye upward, which is believed to be a mood-elevating trick. If it doesn’t make sense in your space to hang artwork up high, try another eye-raising strategy, such as mounting window treatments near the ceiling or painting the ceiling a beautiful, soothing tone.
The rooster may be the same as the Rooster King mentioned below (I am not sure, but their uses seem to differ). The rooster has a literal use. The figurine can be used to counter the “Centipede Xa”, symbolizing the rooster devouring the centipede. The “Centipede Xa” comes from power lines or pipes, resembling a centipede, that are visible from your kid’s bedroom (if you have kids) or kitchen window. To cure the Xa, place the rooster figurine facing towards the “centipede” as a cure for this negative Feng Shui energy.
"Family pictures don't belong in the bedroom," says Whitehurst. "It's the most intimate room in the house and should be reserved for you and your partner." Pictures of children, relatives, and friends may cause you to think about your obligations — and that doesn't allow the mind (or body) to rest. So keep only pictures of you and your spouse or partner in the bedroom, and put other pictures in the dining or family rooms.
The feng shui color of sunlight, cheerful and uplifting yellow will always brighten any home or office. Yellow color also creates cozy, welcoming feng shui energy in your kitchen, living room or children's rooms. From hot sunflower yellow to pale buttery yellow color tones―there are many options to choose from when you are planning to re-decorate your home.

The 2019 feng shui cures are applied on February 4th. Why? Because feng shui cures are usually applied on the Solar New Year (February 4th, 2019), not the Lunar New Year (February 5, 2019). Of course, you can also apply them at any time in 2019! The principle of “better late than never” sure applies when it comes to creating good feng shui in your space. Start with a clean and orderly home first; do not apply the yearly feng shui cures –- in fact, do not apply any feng shui cures -– if your house has chaotic energy created by clutter and lack of order/cleanliness.
2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. The Pig occupies the last, 12th position in the Chinese Horoscope. The new year starts on February 5 and lasts to January 24, 2020. The year of the Earth Pig 2019 comes right after the Year of the Earth Dog and brings similar interior design colors and decorating concepts. Neutral room colors, comfy decorating ideas, natural textures, and efficient design solutions come together creating a warm, safe, and functional environment that pleases the Earth Pig.

Feng shui blue is associated with peace, serenity, and calmness. As the primary color for water element, blue is a favorite fengshui color. There is a limitless potential when using blue in your fengshui space – from pale blue skies to aquamarine seas to indigo twilight. Blue is associated with a calming physical reaction, including slowed heart rate and breathing. Blue is excellent at inspiring contemplation, meditation, creativity, and privacy.
One thing you never want to place in a dining room is a clock. The presence of a clock in this room means you could run out of abundance as the clock ticks away or winds down. Some feng shui practitioners believe a clock in the dining room will lead to a rushed meal and be unhealthy. There are several other rooms where you can place a clock in your home.
Untouched nature is our best example of the five elements cycle. We can see nature finding balance of birth, death, and rebirth in the animal food chain, trees competing for sunlight, seasons promoting growth and death, and even in drastic compensations in the form of forest fires and volcanic eruptions. All are necessary for survival of the species, and in the end it is about the sustainability of our planet earth. After all, without Earth maintaining its balance, all species would perish.
"Plants have innate positive chi, clear the air of allergens, and really do wonders for us," she says. "Much like caring for animals, caring for plants and the action of planting or watering elevates our chi and makes us true or more grounded." Gordon explains that the balance of elements like water, earth, and fire are important in our homes, which are predominantly filled with the metal element in the 21st century.
"One of the easiest feng shui principles to remember is to not let clutter accumulate in your living room or in any room for that matter," says Cerrano. "Some may debate this and say it doesn't matter, and yet science has proven the negative mental and physical effect excess clutter has on the human mind and body," she elaborates. "Whatever you do not need, use, or love, let it go."
It's hard to rest with too much active energy around you. You have to be aware, for example, of what electricity is running behind your bed. Try to minimize it with a battery-operated alarm clock instead of an electric one. Turn off your phone at night and keep it out of the room. No laptop or computer near the bed. An hour before you go to sleep, stop looking at it.