7. The sign of 2019 Earth Pig year associates with feminine energy, comfort, tranquility, soft room colors, natural textures. The symbol of the Earth Pig Year decorating is a peaceful river flowing through beautiful farmlands. Wood furniture and decor accessories, water features, houseplants, and earthy colors with a touch of feminine, pale pink are good Feng Shui ideas for interior design and decorating in 2019.

The wood element relates to natural growth and vibrant health. I love to fill my home with tree branches, wooden bowls, raw wood shelves, and driftwood collected from walks on the beach. Another awesome way to bring this element inside is to decorate with houseplants – especially ones that help purify the air, like these. Incorporating rectangular shapes and tones of brown and green into your home will increase the presence of this element, as well. The wood element is most necessary in the feng shui bagua areas of the East, Southeast, and South.
Considering that it's halfway between red and violet in wavelength, you might think we should see it as green … but instead we come up with magenta in our brain. This is part of the reason that magenta is associated with magic! I always write my wish lists and to-do lists in magenta. Try magenta in places that could benefit from more imagination and some positive energy.

The most common Fire elements in interiors are the stove and fireplace. These are obviously related to the Fire element since they emit a flame, or at least intended to do so. In feng shui, the stove represents ones personal power because of it relationship to the Fire element. Candles are another common way to incorporate fire into interiors. Nothing sets the mood like lit candles. Not surprisingly, candles are best paired with a dimly lit room. The combination of the yin room and the yang candle make it a great combination because of the balance and contrast of the yin and yang energy.

Once you have a compass and know how to read it, you'll take three readings of your home to be sure you correctly identify what direction the house faces. Three are done to verify accuracy within a few degrees of each other - no more than 15 degrees difference. If they are within range, you'll use the front door reading. If they aren't, you may have misread and need to take the readings over.
I often suggest clients place two lucky bamboo stalks in a single vase of water in the relationship area of their bedroom. To locate this area, stand at your bedroom door facing into the room. The far back corner to the right is the relationship area. The pair symbolizes a harmonious union between you and your current or future partner. Both stalks are best similar in size as they also represent a balanced and equal relationship that can grow together in accord.

This is regarded by the Chinese as the king of flowers, a flower of riches and honour, a Yang flower, and the essence of spring. The peony represents feminine beauty and of the many colours in which it comes, red is regarded as being especially lucky for families with daughters who are looking for a partner. If you buy a peony, plant it in the Southwest corner of your garden to attract relationship, marriage, or romance luck in the home. Other plants that resemble the peony may be used as substitutes although their flowers may not last as long. These include the hibiscus, gardenia and begonia. Begonias are quite easy to cultivate and are excellent for adding colour to the garden.
Just as our mental, emotional, and physical bodies are a microcosm of the Universe, so is our home. Our home is its own small Universe with its own set of energies swirling around. It is therefore important to have a balance of the five elements within the feng shui of your home and other spaces. As a result, the space itself will look and feel better. This is where you can really begin creating your sanctuary.

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A Northeast facing room loves the Fire and Earth feng shui elements and is connected to the energy of spiritual growth and cultivation. This golden Buddha wall mural expresses perfectly the best feng shui energy for the Northeast location. Color-wise, all earthy colors plus red, oranges, purple, magenta, as well as golden finishes are excellent here.
Even if your dream color looked perfect in the store, and passed all the tests when it comes to your view, your goals, and so on, it can read the wrong way once you're at home. "Sample three colors — the one you love, than one warmer and one cooler. Get a test pot or small sample and paint a 12" square on your wall. Observe it at different times of day before you make your final decision."
Feng shui-wise, candles bring the potency and vitality of the Fire feng shui element. Small candles are welcomed anywhere in your home without restrictions. When it comes to decorating with bigger candles that have a stronger presence, especially if they are in Fire element colors such as red, pink, purple, yellow or orange, it is good to follow the basic feng shui guidelines for displaying candles.

The Wood element is a very common element used in interiors. Trees provide us with an abundance of wood that is used to create common furnishings in interiors. Because Wood is extremely sturdy, while also malleable and easy to shape, it is used in many forms within a home, from the framing of a house to the furniture to the flooring. In areas where trees and lumber processing are more easily accessible, homes are often made of wood, called stick construction.
A mirror in the dining room is an excellent addition. The point of the mirror is to double the abundance that the dining table represents. The activity that takes place in the dining room is the feeding of the family. That means there is always enough food to accomplish this purpose. A mirror reflecting the table and any food served on it then symbolically doubles the amount of food.
This is the step we usually want to jump to first. There is something exciting about adding new things to our home or life. However, when not done with proper timing, it can end up making us feel stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of creating positive change, we end up even more clouded and confused with mental, emotional, and physical clutter than before. On occasion I have been to clients’ homes that contained very few possessions, little to no décor, and a void of any energy. This is a rare example in which skipping the first two steps and jumping to the Energize step is okay. Metal or Water types would be the more likely candidates for this scenario because they are more attuned to refining and letting go of things, as opposed to accumulating.
A reminder, please be mindful of the plant’s health. If it’s not doing so well, do your best to revive it. People often overwater. To avoid this scenario, I suggest you use your finger and feel how moist the soil is. Just poke it in the top about 1-2 inches. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Houseplants also add natural beauty to your home, offer positive wood energy, and improve your air quality.

In feng shui, there are private (yin) spaces, like bedrooms, and public (yang) spaces, like living rooms. A TV in a public space is OK. A television often becomes the focal point, which is fine if that's what you want. But if the intention of the room is, say, to gather the family, then keep the TV in something closed or in a less-than-central spot on the wall, so it doesn't dominate. For a family space, it's also nice to have a soft ottoman in place of a coffee table, so the kids can be in the center of the action.