The shape associated with the Earth element in feng shui is square or rectangle. Both have four corners and thus the number four is also associated with the Earth element. The number four is about grounding and foundation, which exemplifies the energy of the Earth element. If you look around your home, you will see that the square shape is quite common in interiors, i.e. tables, beds, and frames. This gives grounding to rooms and spaces.
Lucky bamboo is considered one of the most fortuitous plants for bringing positive feng shui energies into your home or workspace. A symbol of good fortune, lucky bamboo balances all five elements. It is best when placed in the wealth corner of your home or workspace. The number of stalks the plant has will determine which aspects it brings the most luck to.
Wood is a favorite material for furniture makers too because of its strength and ability to shape. I have always been amazed at how wood can maintain its strength and structure even after it has been chopped down and removed from its energy source. In fact, wood is composed of a protein that becomes stronger as it becomes dryer. Most living things lose their strength when it is dead, but wood only gets stronger.
Feng shui decorating can be fun and powerful (when you know what you are doing, of course!) The term “feng shui decorating” means different things to different people, especially because there are so many stereotypes attached to feng shui. At its best, good feng shui decorating creates a harmonious, beautiful and happy space with appropriate energy for its use; be it a home, an office or a garden. 

Grey, as the mix of white and black, is the ultimate neutral, remaining clear and detached. In fengshui, grey is part of metal element’s coloring. Once considered boring and an uninspiring lack of anything better, grey has become the contemporary world’s most popular neutral. Depending on its undertones, grey can read as warm and relaxing or cool and sophisticated. Grey is an excellent fengshui color because of its adaptability.
Moving objects are considered powerful cures in feng shui. If you want to bring strong activation to this area, you can find an appropriate decor item that creates a sense of movement here. This can be an item that moves by itself from time to time (such as a wind chime placed outside and moved by gentle wind) or a wind chime that is activated by your touch. In 2019, you can have a small metal bell or a small singing bowl here that you use from time to time to create sound movement. If you are lucky to have a crystal bowl, this is an excellent cure for the East area in 2019!
"Understanding the function of the room will indicate what type of furniture (and how many pieces of furniture) you really need," says Cerrano. "Then you can decide on the best arrangement for the overall room." For good feng shui, "it's also important to make sure the flow of movement to and around the furniture is accessible and unobstructed," she advises, which is something to consider before splurging on a side table.
Did you know that, according to feng shui, choosing the best paint color for a room all depends on where it's located in your home? We didn't either, that is until we spoke with feng shui expert Robert Brown, MD, author of Toxic Home/Conscious Home. Having studied mindfulness at home at length and in a holistic way, Brown knows exactly how to apply feng shui principles to achieve a healthy and happy home.
Directly connected to the concept of a clutter clear space is clear organization. If you do not have an organized house, chances are you will start quickly accumulating clutter again. Each item in your home deserves a space of its own, no matter how small; this makes for a peaceful house with strong and clear energy. Think about it and look for the best organizational systems you can find; there is an abundance of them out there, from Ikea to California Closets and everything in between (Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond, The Container Store, etc).
Always start with your space first, listen to it and experiment with applying feng shui, do not take it as the ultimate and absolutely powerful knowledge. Feng shui is not a religion, nor is it a superstitious set of beliefs; in its best application feng shui is a powerful tool to improve the energy of any space. This, in turn, improves the energy of people who live or work in the space. It’s that simple! If you feel confused about combining the annual updates with the traditional feng shui bagua requirements, these tips for applying the yearly feng shui updates will help.
Experts have mentioned that the dragon turtle can also neutralize the negative energy from the annual Flying Stars, particularly the #2 and #5 stars. Further, others have mentioned that it can cure the bad Feng Shui caused by two doors facing each other. To use it, simply place it somewhere in between those two doors, whether that be two bedroom doors within a house or two front doors of two different houses.
But what are the best colors to paint using the principles of Feng Shui? It depends on the room. When you select colors for the floor, walls, and ceiling, make sure to employ the Five-Elemental Cycle using three colors. Also, don't think a ceiling has to be white; light beige or even brighter colors that complement the walls add depth and creativity to a room.
In this article, we’ll discuss a variety of basic colors and what they mean to the fengshui color spectrum. We’ll also provide examples of how to use each of these colors effectively. You might be surprised at how simple it is to improve the energy flow of your entire home by the incorporation of fengshui colors alone. The key is balance and customization to your style, your space, and yourself.
Crystals are the powerhouses of good feng shui energy; they bring the essence of abundance from deep within the earth. If you are new to crystals, start with clear quartz, preferably in a rough/natural shape. Along with the clear quartz, there are 3 more crystals that can help you attract the energy of wealth: pyrite, citrine and amethyst. Pyrite is excellent as a wealth feng shui magnet, and reasonably easy to find and well priced. Genuine citrine tends to be pricey and a bit hard to find;  amethyst is easy to find, works very well on many levels, including purifying the energy in your home. If there are no crystal shops close to where you live, check our online selection of feng shui crystals (our store is powered by
It’s important to note that most furnishings and accessories are comprised of one or more than one element, depending on their complexity. For example, a square mirror will have properties of the Wood element (square) and the Water element (mirror). Some items that have an arrangement of colors, shapes, and textures may even carry the energy of all five elements. For example, the image of a potted bamboo plant is often used to exemplify the five elements. The bamboo is the Wood element, its container is the Earth element, the rocks are the Metal element, and the water is the Water element. To complete the five elements, a decorative red ribbon or string is usually added to represent the Fire element.

The rearranging step gives you time to organize and clarify what you really want. After you declutter, you may see your rooms in a whole different light. You may decide that a room needs an entirely different function. For example, after decluttering a guest bedroom, maybe you realize you would rather it be a home office instead. Or maybe after decluttering, you can finally move the bed to its optimal position with space to add nightstands. The point is to make any necessary adjustments in the feng shui of your house with what is remaining before adding new energy. This way, you will have more clarity about what new energy you want to bring into your space. Referring back to my refrigerator analogy, I probably should do the rearranging step even before I go to the grocery store to get an even better idea of what I want and need.

If you are familiar with the interaction of the 5 feng shui elements, you can see right away that the negative star has more power in this bagua area based on the fact that Metal cuts the Wood in the destructive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements. As the Southeast area is connected to the energy of wealth and prosperity, this is a good place to start introducing subtle feng shui cures in 2019 in order to neutralize the potentially negative effects of the annual star, as well as keep the native energy of this area strong.

If the relationship with your partner is not as fabulous as you want, or if you have an anxiety for the health of your dear ones, or if you are obsessed with your bank balance…. Fear not!! Incorporate Feng- Shui in your daily life and see the difference. You need not have to be born in the family of Tata’s or Mittal’s to be rich. I know the fact that, everybody is not born rich, but Feng-Shui can take you to new heights of business, enable you to live healthy and secure enough money for the last two generations. Many of us want to incorporate Feng Shui at our homes, but don’t know how to begin with. So, welcome to the land of Feng Shui …And get acquainted with our Feng Shui tools.

7. The sign of 2019 Earth Pig year associates with feminine energy, comfort, tranquility, soft room colors, natural textures. The symbol of the Earth Pig Year decorating is a peaceful river flowing through beautiful farmlands. Wood furniture and decor accessories, water features, houseplants, and earthy colors with a touch of feminine, pale pink are good Feng Shui ideas for interior design and decorating in 2019.
The feng shui fire element is expressed through bold warm colors like red, orange, and pink. Inciting passion and energy, the fire element can support career ambitions as well as sex drive—making it a smart choice for both the office and the bedroom. If you don't feel comfortable committing to red walls or painted red furniture, pops of red and orange through décor items can be a tasteful way to bring the energizing color into any space.
The feng shui element of the East bagua area is Wood, and the element of the visiting star is Metal,  so there is a bit of a clash of elements here. Making the visiting star strong, meaning strengthening its Metal element means weakening the native Wood feng shui element of this bagua area. This scenario often happens with the annual feng shui updates, when you have to focus on subtle feng shui adjustments in order to keep both the visiting star energy, as well as the native energy of this bagua area healthy and balanced. So, what exactly can you do?
EAST AND SOUTH EAST-  Use water or wood colors in the south east it enhances your wealth and accumulation of assets so that your net worth grows. It also ensures that you dont get poorer over the years. In the East the wood element enhances your health and longevity. This makes you full of vigor, vitality and you have a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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How can you strengthen both the Metal element of the visiting star, as well as the native Wood element energy of this bagua area? Is there a feng shui element that is good for both elements? Yes, luckily it is! In 2019, focus on the Earth element in the East area, as this will support both the Wood and the Metal elements and keep them both in balance.
Most of us have televisions in our bedroom. It happens. If you have trouble sleeping it or even if you don’t, it is a good idea to cover the television when not in use. The active energy of the television as well as the electronic aspect of it may be disruptive to the type of calming quiet energy more conducive to sleep and bedrooms. My suggestion, find a beautiful scarf or fabric and just toss it over the television!
Orange is fengshui’s color of choice when sociality, optimism, and openness are sought. Orange is also a part of the fire element color family and, as such, is an excellent option for when the energy from vibrant red needs to be downscaled a bit. The appeal of orange is universal and not tied to a particular climate or season – it represents the bright, carefree freedom of summertime, yet it just as seamlessly reminds us of cozy, firelit winter evenings.
In fengshui, red color represents romance and love, courage, and passion. Red is the strongest color representation of the fire element, which supports life energy. It’s not surprising, then, that red is an active, energizing color…which can also be draining if overused. It’s no mistake that red has been associated with an increase in blood pressure. In Chinese, red is the color of happiness and luck; India uses red for marriage; Western areas associate red with love, passion, and courage.
Our home is a metaphor for our life: It can only hold so much stuff. Even if we have beautiful, expensive art, we only have so many walls. Our walls will start to look chaotic and cluttered if we put too many paintings on them. This is the same case with our lives. If we took a job without quitting the job we had before it, there would simply not be enough time in the day to do both jobs. There is only so much time and space in our physical world. We have to prioritize, revise, and choose what we want to put on our walls, where we want to work, and with whom we want to be in relationship. Otherwise, we keep adding, adding, adding, until we have a nervous breakdown. This is also what causes our lives to stagnate: too much stuff to the point where energy can no longer circulate or move.
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As a general rule, plants are excellent feng shui decorating for the East, Southeast and South areas of your home. It is best to avoid too many plants in the North, Southwest and the Center. Having plants in the bedroom is undesirable feng shui unless your bedroom is quite big and the plants are located further from the bed. These guidelines mostly apply to big plants, if you are decorating with small plants in tiny containers then the rules are not as strict.

A chandelier is an ideal feng shui decoration for this room. Hang it in the center of the room or use a pair of smaller chandeliers over a pair of end tables. If this isn't your style, compensate with several table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling recessed lights. These additional lighting elements will activate yang energy essential for a healthy family living room.
I'll start with one of the most loved feng shui cures - the vibrant, happy and lush plants. Most of us have had plants in our home at one time or another. Plants bring the vital energy of growth, renewal and healing - the most beautiful energies from mother Nature that we all need! Having plants in your home is also the best way to bring the Wood feng shui element, much needed for good feng shui in several areas of your home.
Orchids are graceful flowering plants. The flowers are long lasting and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can bloom all year round, even in the coldest winter. Orchids not only absorb carbon dioxide but they release oxygen at night, which make them ideal for bedrooms. They can also help us sleep better because of this fact. But there’s another reason why they are excellent to place in the bedroom. For feng shui purposes, we often use orchids for relationship adjustments. While the bamboo can be used for a current or prospective relationship, the orchid is more often used to find a new partner. An orchid placed strategically in the relationship area of the bedroom or on your nightstand will help to attract an honorable and honest romantic partner.
But when you follow this guide, you'll end up with colors that fit just right — they'll help your house work exactly as it should, and make you feel right at home. We tapped Laura Benko, holistic Feng Shui expert and author of The Holistic Home: Feng Shui Your Mind, Body, Spirit, Space, and New York-based interior designer Elena Frampton, who's been a Feng Shui hobbyist since she was a teen, for their most thoughtful advice on the subject. Consider this the color primer you've been waiting for — even if you don't think you're the Feng Shui "type."

To promote joy and harmony in your home, and ultimately a feeling of joy upon entering and being there, you’ll want to consider the actual uses of a certain space and then decorate accordingly. In a home office, for example, you don’t necessarily have to install a waterfall and rock garden to have feng shui positively affect the space. You want the office décor to be active and vibrant…probably much unlike the bedroom’s décor, which will likely be more muted and serene.