Good feng shui decorating will never scream for attention or fight with the style of the home, but rather create an energy that is vibrant, happy and harmoniously complimenting the already present identity of the home (or office). You can have excellent feng shui decor in any style, because in a nutshell, feng shui decorating means you know exactly which colors, shapes, images and specific decor items to use in specific areas of a home. You can do that in any style and in any space without disturbing the visual energy of the space (or the aesthetic taste of homeowners!)
A Northeast facing room loves the Fire and Earth feng shui elements and is connected to the energy of spiritual growth and cultivation. This golden Buddha wall mural expresses perfectly the best feng shui energy for the Northeast location. Color-wise, all earthy colors plus red, oranges, purple, magenta, as well as golden finishes are excellent here.

Interior designer Terri Tan drew up storage solutions in many areas to fulfil the homeowners' requirement. “The dining table was custom-designed to include storage in the table support. We even managed to have full-height storage integrated with the lift at every level,” she says. The dining area, cosy and warm, is infused with a luxe feel with leather, matte and glossy surfaces, as well as metallic finishes. 
At its worst, unskilled feng shui decorating creates ridiculous, weak and conflicting energy that visually resembles a cheap Chinese restaurant struggling to attract more customers. A good feng shui space is not easily detectable by its visual signs; if you can look and say “Oh, this space has definitely been feng shui-ed!”, know this can be a red flag. Having windchimes, fountains, lucky bamboo plants and money frogs in any given space – be it home or office – does not make it a good feng shui space. Basically, feng shui decorating means applying the feng shui wisdom to create harmonious energy in any home, be it modern, classical or mid-century.
Feng Shui is considered to provide luck and wealth in abundance. It is said that if you follow the Feng Shui method of decorating or constructing your home, you will never attract ill luck and any negative energy. Most of the Feng Shui elements are concerned with positivity and vibrant energy. Even colors of Feng Shui are known to represent wealth and money in some form. There are some Feng Shui elements known to possess energy and positivity and will bring luck with them. Here are few elements that you can choose to keep in your home/office.
The lotus flower is a symbol for Healing Beyond Borders/Healing Touch-of which I am a practitioner and when I saw this I thought it would be beautiful in my treatment room. It really is beautiful. the colors at the bottom are reflected in the crystal. I only wish that room received sunlight. I think this is a beautiful accent to any room and I did try it in the sun and it was very was packaged lovely and would think of giving as a gift!
The popular classical feng shui cure for this area, the image of a blue color rhinoceros, can be used in the Southeast area in 2019. His energy is associated with strong protection, and the blue color brings the energy of the needed Water element. There are many ways you can bring this image with subtle decor details that are in harmony with your home decor. Alternatively, you can go for the actual traditional feng shui cure in a lucky charm form (find it in our online store). You can also substitute the image of rhinoceros for the image of the elephant, preferably in the Water feng shui element colors, too (blue or black colors).

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The world has been created by the sound. Lord Chirst said that the world was created by the word and that word was "LORD". Even in our Guru Granth Saheb, it is said that Lord is the "SHABD". Every Mantra starts with the word "OM". This bell emits the sound, which created this world, and this bell is made up of 5 elements the world is made up of : EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, ETHER. This sound of "OM" removes negative energies and enhance positive energies leaving you in a better frame of mind to deal with things positively.
In the west and north west living room warm, silvery Gray color brings benlovent chi-energy. When there is too much grey it is dreary, tedious, and passive, without life and even draining to the physical body. Grey is too boring, conservative, dreary and without life. However this can be remedied with rich textures and materials. Colorful accessories that will add life to the room.
There are several ways to incorporate feng shui and the five elements in spaces. Ideally, spaces should have a balance of the five elements as a whole, within each room, and even in small arrangements, i.e., a fireplace mantle. In the following sections, you will learn various ways to apply the five elements and feng shui your home. Applying the elements in your home can be used in tandem with feng shui using the Bagua Map or room-by-room based on the room’s function. The five elements can also be used to help balance out your own energy based upon your elemental constitution.
Find out your Kua number and your lucky directions so that you can be energized by good energy from your best or lucky feng shui directions. Use these as a guide to adjust the position of things like your bed, your desk, or the seating in your dining area. For example, if your Kua number is 1, it is best to face one of the following directions: Southeast, East, South, or North.
There are several ways to choose best bedroom colors with feng shui. You can define the best colors for your bedroom based on the bagua area your bedroom is located in (bagua is the feng shui energy map of any given space). You can go for the generally accepted best bedroom feng shui colors, which are all skin tones – from light porcelain to deep rich chocolate tones. You can also choose best bedroom colors based on your personal feng shui birth element. While you can choose just one way and still create good energy, ideally, you will work in 3 steps to define the best colors for your bedroom.
There is a specific money area in feng shui that needs to be treated right, and for this, you have to know the bagua, or the feng shui energy of your space. Here I am referring to the creation of a small altar/shrine/sacred space that you devote to the energy of wealth. It can be anywhere (except your bathroom, laundry or garage), and as big or as small as you like. Basically, you want to create an area that has the task of collecting wealth energy. Decorate it with meaningful to you items of wealth (jewelry, specific photos, objects of value, etc),  as well as good feng shui energy activators such as crystals and plants.

A chandelier is an ideal feng shui decoration for this room. Hang it in the center of the room or use a pair of smaller chandeliers over a pair of end tables. If this isn't your style, compensate with several table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling recessed lights. These additional lighting elements will activate yang energy essential for a healthy family living room.
Feng shui for wealth is one of the most popular applications of feng shui.  The focus on attracting material wealth is actually one of the reasons feng shui became so popular in the West, since we’ve heard about many business tycoons using feng shui for more profits and stronger financial security. Of course, there is much more to feng shui than its wealth building appeal! You can use feng shui to create a better quality of life, improve your health, attract more harmony to your relationships, help build a successful career, etc.
In this article, we’ll discuss a variety of basic colors and what they mean to the fengshui color spectrum. We’ll also provide examples of how to use each of these colors effectively. You might be surprised at how simple it is to improve the energy flow of your entire home by the incorporation of fengshui colors alone. The key is balance and customization to your style, your space, and yourself.

Getting started with feng shui for your home is easy when you begin with the house basics and gradually move on to the more complex feng shui levels. After you have mastered these seven home feng shui steps, you can explore the deeper levels of feng shui, such as the annual movement of feng shui stars, or energies. The important things to remember are to start simply, have fun, and thoroughly enjoy the process—this is good feng shui.

For children’s beds, this might not apply, but for an adult, feng shui would have you leave sufficient room on either side of the bed for a safe and comfortable exit. This is common sense for a master bed that sleeps two, but it applies to beds for single sleepers as well. Remember, we’re encouraging positive chi and flow, and you don’t want good energy being stopped dead in its tracks on a wall side of the bed!
As a general rule, plants are excellent feng shui decorating for the East, Southeast and South areas of your home. It is best to avoid too many plants in the North, Southwest and the Center. Having plants in the bedroom is undesirable feng shui unless your bedroom is quite big and the plants are located further from the bed. These guidelines mostly apply to big plants, if you are decorating with small plants in tiny containers then the rules are not as strict.
As with any other popular home decor item used for good feng shui, it is best to know the bagua of your home so that you can match its requirements with your art. For example, an abstract piece of art in bright red and purple colors can create excellent feng shui when displayed in the South area of your living room. The same piece of art can create energetic havoc when displayed on your East wall. 
I'll start with one of the most loved feng shui cures - the vibrant, happy and lush plants. Most of us have had plants in our home at one time or another. Plants bring the vital energy of growth, renewal and healing - the most beautiful energies from mother Nature that we all need! Having plants in your home is also the best way to bring the Wood feng shui element, much needed for good feng shui in several areas of your home.
The concept of best feng shui colors for 2019 applies not only to clothing but also to various accessories, such as jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc. It also applies to home decor items. Of course, because 2019 is an Earth element year, crystals are one of the best feng shui cure to bring into your home as they express the energy of the Earth element. To strengthen their power further — either as home decor items or as jewelry you wear — choose crystals in the best colors for 2019. 

Once you have removed and rearranged, it is time to energize or enhance the space through feng shui. This can be done using the concepts discussed in the following chapters. You can use the five elements to decorate your home. You can enhance certain areas of your home in conjunction with the feng shui Bagua Map using the colors, elements, and personal items discussed. The more you are enjoying a space, the more it will be energized with positive energy. Our own energy is the most powerful and significant enhancer of our space. Making a room functional and aesthetically pleasing so that you spend more time in it is the best feng shui enhancement you can make.

So, the point I am emphasizing here is that for anything you bring into your home to work as a feng shui wealth cure  (or any other cure, for that matter), the item has to have a strong energy connection to you, and not to what other people say. If you do not like something, guess what – it does not like you back! Hardly a good feng shui energy dynamic. Next feng shui wealth color is purple and, just like with gold color, you can bring it with a variety of decor items. From painting to pillows, rugs or big book covers – see if this wealth feng shui color can be genuinely welcomed into your home. Use both colors tastefully and wisely, meaning create simple beauty and decorate with objects that you really like – this is how they will start working for you as intended.

The association of the energy of water with wealth is obvious, very ancient and present in all cultures. Fountains are the most popular feng shui for wealth cure,  so if you love fountains, find one (or more) good quality fountains and place them in the best feng shui areas of your home (either inside or outside). I adore this water bell fountain by Woodstock, a classic by now and absolutely the best feng shui fountain I ever experienced! Be sure not to place a fountain in your bedroom – this is not good feng shui.
Thanks, Victor! The kitchen is in the front of the house and the house does actually face northeast. If the kitchen is not “draining away career luck” per what I read, what feng shui elements can enhance career? Interestingly, our front door opens to a split staircase, i.e., the right hand stir case going up to the main living area and the left hand stair case going down to the basement.
The feng shui color of deep water and the universal void, color black adds depth, strength, and definition to any space. You can use it to bring stronger energy to any space, from your main entry to your kitchen. Are there any restrictions for the feng shui use of the color black? Yes, it is best not to use black color in your baby's room or on your bedroom ceiling.
The fire element brings about high energy levels, fuels passion, and fosters the expression of creativity. A great way to introduce this element to your home is with candles and fireplaces, of course! I love clustering several candles together and burning them all at once. You could also try decorating with angular shapes like triangles and stars, as these are symbolic of the fire element. As for colors, go for fiery hues like red, orange, bold yellow, purple, and pink. The bagua areas that benefit most from the fire element are the South and the Southwest.

The concept of best feng shui colors for 2019 applies not only to clothing but also to various accessories, such as jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc. It also applies to home decor items. Of course, because 2019 is an Earth element year, crystals are one of the best feng shui cure to bring into your home as they express the energy of the Earth element. To strengthen their power further — either as home decor items or as jewelry you wear — choose crystals in the best colors for 2019. 
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Nell, when it comes to Feng Shui, there will be people that are skeptics and those that are fanatics. The fanatics will go through such length as to arrange and organize their stuff to improve their health, relationships, and financial status. That's where your friend belonged. It is good to believe in something and the Chinese have practiced this for the last 5 centuries and I guess there must be some truth in it!
If you’ve researched feng shui at all, you’ve likely discovered many sources that require certain colors be contained in certain parts of your home, whether north, south, east, or west. The truth is, the actual color you choose for each space is not nearly as critical to the positive chi as is how the color makes you feel. An old, tired, dingy painted wall of any color will feel just that way – old, tired, and dingy, whereas a freshly painted, clean wall of the exact same color will breathe life and energy into the entire space.