It is not advisable to put water or water feature inside the bedroom as it will have after effects. Feng shui is not a simple subject where items are literal representation of items. Yes it does work sometimes but it depends on a case to case basis. So I really hope that only through proper professional advice, will then people take action or else the consequences will be dire.
If you don’t know your Chinese animal sign yet, first use the free Chinese zodiac sign calculator earlier in this page, as our Color of the Year articles give you the luckiest colors to use in 2019 according to your Chinese zodiac sign. Knowing your Chinese animal and the element of your year of birth can give you important clues on how to use the colors and objects which are associated with the 5 elements.
For example, you could have an indoor water fountain as part of the feng shui in your home to bring in the water element. But you could also incorporate a wavy shape into your accessories to represent the Water element. In the following sections, you will discover creative ways to bring in the five elements into your interiors. In fact, you will soon realize that everything in your home is already composed of one or more of the five elements and start seeing the items in your home in a completely new way.
Living spaces are in essence living beings and thus the five elements cycle applies as well. Spaces, especially our homes, are living and breathing beings just as we are. The front door is the mouth of energy being inhaled through the front door and exhaled out the back door, according to the wisdom of feng shui. Our energy and that of our homes is so interrelated that each aspect of the home is a symbolic representation of us. This was discussed in detail in my 2013 book, Mind, Body, Home, where I relate each aspect of a house to the physical, mental, and emotional counterparts to ourselves.
Crystals are the powerhouses of good feng shui energy; they bring the essence of abundance from deep within the earth. If you are new to crystals, start with clear quartz, preferably in a rough/natural shape. Along with the clear quartz, there are 3 more crystals that can help you attract the energy of wealth: pyrite, citrine and amethyst. Pyrite is excellent as a wealth feng shui magnet, and reasonably easy to find and well priced. Genuine citrine tends to be pricey and a bit hard to find;  amethyst is easy to find, works very well on many levels, including purifying the energy in your home. If there are no crystal shops close to where you live, check our online selection of feng shui crystals (our store is powered by
Here’s where feng shui comes to the rescue with really solid tips focused on your health (and you love life, too!) After all, we do spend a great deal of time in our bedrooms (hopefully not only sleeping but also sharing beautiful moments with the loved ones). So, let’s see how the ancient art of feng shui can help you find your best bedroom colors.

Untouched nature is our best example of the five elements cycle. We can see nature finding balance of birth, death, and rebirth in the animal food chain, trees competing for sunlight, seasons promoting growth and death, and even in drastic compensations in the form of forest fires and volcanic eruptions. All are necessary for survival of the species, and in the end it is about the sustainability of our planet earth. After all, without Earth maintaining its balance, all species would perish.
Feng shui is the Eastern practice of analyzing where things go to create the most healthful and beneficial energy flow. Using colors in your home based on how you respond to their energy is a crucial component of the process. If you have a living room full of hot, fiery colors that sometimes leave you feeling burned out, bring the heat down with simple accessories such as blue silk pillows, blue blown glass and candles that are pumpkin-colored rather than red. Sometimes a room just needs some relief from the energy associated with its predominant colors.
In the living room earth colors and skin tonnes like pink is sedating and calming. It also symbolizes love and romance. Yellow is such a vital colour for any good feng shui home; do not forget to give enough nourishment to your home with its sunny cheerfulness. Yellow is very cheerful, warm and  encourages conversation . It brings hope and improves your attention and intelligence.
Good Feng Shui is the art of creating harmonious home interiors and yards which activate and amplify positive energy and bring desirable changes into life. Good Feng Shui in the Year of the Pig 2019 reflect ideas that blend comfort and functionality with a softness of pastels and neutral colors. Pigs are friendly animals according to the Chinese zodiac. They enjoy simple things in life. Practical interior design ideas, combined with relaxing room colors, natural textures, and warm decor accessories are the trends in decorating in 2019 to create good Feng Shui.

Do you feel happy and nourished in your bedroom? Do you love your bedroom? Are you happy with your bedroom colors? Knowing that color has such an effect on your well-being, wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by the most beautiful colors when you are in your bedroom? If you say yes, for sure, then the obvious next question is: “What is the best color for my bedroom?”
If you are familiar with the interaction of the 5 feng shui elements, you can see right away that the negative star has more power in this bagua area based on the fact that Metal cuts the Wood in the destructive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements. As the Southeast area is connected to the energy of wealth and prosperity, this is a good place to start introducing subtle feng shui cures in 2019 in order to neutralize the potentially negative effects of the annual star, as well as keep the native energy of this area strong.
The gray color is usually treated as either boring (dull gray!) or as a sophisticated, upscale color. No matter what you think of it, gray color can sure bring beautiful feng shui energy to any space, as long as you choose wisely. The feng shui bagua areas that most benefit from the energy of gray color are West (Creativity), Northwest (Helpful People), and North (Career).
Avoid Metal, Water and Fire element decorating. While Metal and Fire elements are never really recommended for the East area anyway, the Water element is usually very auspicious here. However, if you have a strong Water element in your decor already, do your best to make it more subtle/to subdue the power of Water here. The reason for avoiding a strong Water element in the East area in 2019 is the fact that Water is the element that weakens the Metal element, and you definitely do not want to weaken all the auspicious energy that the annual star brings!
Plants represent the most positive attributes of the growing wood element – the only element amongst the five elements that has life. Plants possess intrinsic yang energies that enhance all the space around them. Plants also manifest the balance of yin and yang in the garden, responding to the mix of sunlight and shade, water, and nutrients from the soil.
Neutrals may be one of the most popular color palettes utilized in homes, and it's easy to see why. A neutral color scheme is timeless, suits all styles, and is easier to curate than when working with bold colors. Neutrals also express feng shui colors of the earth element, which offers stability and protection for relationships. This makes it an excellent choice for any area of the home and an especially grounding force in central areas like the living room. Because the earth element also encourages inner balance, colors like beige, sand, and taupe can also be beneficial in the bedroom or even an office or study.
Once you have removed and rearranged, it is time to energize or enhance the space through feng shui. This can be done using the concepts discussed in the following chapters. You can use the five elements to decorate your home. You can enhance certain areas of your home in conjunction with the feng shui Bagua Map using the colors, elements, and personal items discussed. The more you are enjoying a space, the more it will be energized with positive energy. Our own energy is the most powerful and significant enhancer of our space. Making a room functional and aesthetically pleasing so that you spend more time in it is the best feng shui enhancement you can make.
Plants—associated with the wood element—are believed to adjust that balance. "We are wired to feel at ease in the company of nature," she explains. That said, she also warns against having too many plants at home: "When decorating with plants, be mindful that too many wood elements will also stall your thinking process. In order to think and feel clearly, we need other elements in our lives (metal, water, earth, and fire), so don't create a jungle that overrules your house."
Black, as the absorber of all other colors, is fengshui’s unknown and infinite color. Black represents water element, which makes sense when you consider that deep water is not blue but rather black. Black color, as void as it may seem, actually adds depth and strength to any space through its defining fengshui role. Energy will be directed and guided through a careful use of the color black.

For children’s beds, this might not apply, but for an adult, feng shui would have you leave sufficient room on either side of the bed for a safe and comfortable exit. This is common sense for a master bed that sleeps two, but it applies to beds for single sleepers as well. Remember, we’re encouraging positive chi and flow, and you don’t want good energy being stopped dead in its tracks on a wall side of the bed!

So, where do you start with mastering the art of feng shui decorating? You start by understanding the 5 feng shui elements on a practical level, and not just the theoretical one. Play and experiment until you are comfortable with at least several main expressions of each feng shui element. To make it easy, I have detailed infographics that show the various ways each feng shui element is expressed in modern decor with colours, shapes and more.

For years I have been coaching, assisting, and writing about the process and benefits of decluttering. I am happy to have the opportunity to assist readers in suggesting what can be added to their homes regarding decorating using the five elements. That being said, I want to emphasize that adding things to your home is actually the last step in feng shui.

Thank you so much about all this info. I have one question. The entrance to my apartment is in the SW. Also part of the SW is missing. The SW of the house has Mountain 9 Water 7 with base star 8. I have some plants outside of the house at the SW and they make the entrance look more welcoming and vibrant. But ever since I moved to that house I am having trouble with my relationships, so I am assuming there is something I am not doing right. Because part of the SW is missing I placed on the SW corner of the balcony many semi – crystallized rocks that I picked up from a mountain. Is there something else I can do?
The jade plant is another plant commonly known as a money tree in feng shui because the round leaves symbolize good fortune. These plants are relatively hardy succulents, so they may be a better money tree choice for those challenged at keeping plants alive. Like the traditional money tree, jade plants are best placed in money, health, or fame areas of the home. You can also place them in an office space to invite success and fortune.

Gordon also adds that where you put your plants can have an impact on your mental clarity and suggests understanding your home's bagua map (aka feng shui's floor plan to bringing good intentions to your home). "Plants are more at home in some areas such as health and family, or wealth and reputation," she shares. "They are less at home in other areas, such as creativity, mentors, career, self-knowledge, or love and marriage." Ready to bring the right intentions into your home while clearing the air and practicing your green-thumb skills?
As you know, the native feng shui element of the South area is Fire, so this by itself is already weakening the negative Wood element energy of the visiting star. If you have done a good job with creating harmonious feng shui energy with Fire element decor that is needed in the South bagua area, the potentially negative energy that is present here in 2019 is already diminished.
You might also consider these hues too strong to use for an entire room. So Frampton counts foyers (like this poppy pink one, designed by Jonathan Berger) and hallways as the perfect places to try them. "A hallway should have a dynamic energy — it's circulating people through the space, it's all about movement," she says. "So express that with a dynamic color!"

Mirrors reflect energy, so position them in places where you want to increase energy flow. Also, make sure that mirrors reflect something beautiful. "You don't want mirrors to reflect anything low energy or negative, like kitchen trash cans," says Linda Varone, RN, MA, founder of Nurturing Spaces Consulting. Finally, think twice before adding mirrors to your bedroom decor. They can energize the room, which, though it may be great for hot sex, is not so great for getting enough sleep.
In Feng Shui, we use the “commanding position” to locate important furniture such as your bed. The bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture to put in the commanding position because you spend so many passive hours sleeping! To place your bed in the commanding position, you want to be facing the door while not in line with the door while lying in bed. Ideally you can be diagonally across the room from your bedroom door. However, I understand this is not always possible. In that case, find a mirror and place it so that you can see the door while lying in bed. I suggest freestanding mirrors, as they’re easier to move around and get just right.
The rooster may be the same as the Rooster King mentioned below (I am not sure, but their uses seem to differ). The rooster has a literal use. The figurine can be used to counter the “Centipede Xa”, symbolizing the rooster devouring the centipede. The “Centipede Xa” comes from power lines or pipes, resembling a centipede, that are visible from your kid’s bedroom (if you have kids) or kitchen window. To cure the Xa, place the rooster figurine facing towards the “centipede” as a cure for this negative Feng Shui energy.
White is the fengshui color of purity, freshness, and new beginnings. It is a representation of fengshui’s metal element, which is just as closely associated with care, focus, and precision as it is innocence. White is crisp and organized; as the keeper of all the other colors, white presents itself as a clean slate, upon which to project your own paradigm.
The energy of any Buddha sculpture or image—be it the Medicine Buddha or the Laughing Buddha, be it Tara or Quan Yin—will bring a sense of calm and peace into your home. As such, there is really no wrong way to decorate with a Buddha image in order to create good feng shui. Of course, it is wise to be respectful of this energy and not place your small Buddha sculpture on the floor where everybody is leaving their shoes, for example. Placing a Buddha sculpture or image in the bathroom might not be a good idea unless your bathroom is really big and well taken care of.
Bright lights rev up energy. If you're trying to keep energy costs down, then place high-wattage bulbs in the hallways, and lower-wattage bulbs in the rest of the house. "Hallways represent the meridians; the brighter the wattage, the more clean and clear your veins and arteries are," says Whitehurst. Want to light up internally? Place objects around your house that elicit positive emotions and lift your own personal chi. If a particular item makes you feel giddy, put it in a place where it's easy to see.
There is a specific money area in feng shui that needs to be treated right, and for this, you have to know the bagua, or the feng shui energy of your space. Here I am referring to the creation of a small altar/shrine/sacred space that you devote to the energy of wealth. It can be anywhere (except your bathroom, laundry or garage), and as big or as small as you like. Basically, you want to create an area that has the task of collecting wealth energy. Decorate it with meaningful to you items of wealth (jewelry, specific photos, objects of value, etc),  as well as good feng shui energy activators such as crystals and plants.
While there are plenty of resources out there to guide you to extreme feng shui dedication, this article is not one of them. Rather, we’ve included 15 simple yet effective ideas for incorporating soothing feng shui décor into your home. And, when all is said and done, remember that, just as feng shui facilitates good design, good design also enhances feng shui elements.