For example, you could have an indoor water fountain as part of the feng shui in your home to bring in the water element. But you could also incorporate a wavy shape into your accessories to represent the Water element. In the following sections, you will discover creative ways to bring in the five elements into your interiors. In fact, you will soon realize that everything in your home is already composed of one or more of the five elements and start seeing the items in your home in a completely new way.

Adjusting the natural light coming through windows is another way to control the amount of the Fire element. If too much sunlight is coming through, particularly on the South side of the home, then using drapery or blinds is helpful. On the contrary, to allow more natural light, open window coverings. At night, windows take on a yin quality because they create a black hole effect. They actually pull energy out of spaces, so it is important to close window blinds or drapes at night.
The same principle applies to various decorating materials. Continuing with the north facing living room example, the best feng shui decor materials would be predominantly metal, glass, or mirror-like surfaces. The materials to avoid (in excess) are wood furniture or decor items, as well as earthenware. Since plants belong to the wood feng shui element as well, too many plants can also contrast the water element, so choose wisely.