Triangular-shaped décor items are not as common as other shapes. In fact, the points of a triangle can create what is called poison arrows. Poison arrow is the term used in feng shui for a sharp point of energy projecting into a space and results in inauspicious energy. However, if used intentionally, triangular or pyramid-shaped objects can add a positive spark of energy to spaces. For example, pyramid-shaped crystals can be used to enhance intention and focus in an office or meditation space.

Use the five feng shui elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—to create balance and vibrant energy in all areas of your home. For example, if you are working on attracting more prosperity, you can introduce the feng shui elements of Wood and Water in the Southeast area of your house. If you need to improve your health, you can place lush plants (representing the Wood feng shui element) or pieces of wood furniture in the East area of your home.
Use your feng shui birth element to help create a home that nourishes and supports your energy. For example, if your birth element is Fire, you can introduce the expressions of the Fire element, such as triangular shapes or the Fire colors: red, orange, purple, magenta, pink, and yellow. You will also want a strong Wood element in your home, as Wood feeds the Fire element in the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements.
Use the five feng shui elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—to create balance and vibrant energy in all areas of your home. For example, if you are working on attracting more prosperity, you can introduce the feng shui elements of Wood and Water in the Southeast area of your house. If you need to improve your health, you can place lush plants (representing the Wood feng shui element) or pieces of wood furniture in the East area of your home.
General neglect. Some people's dining rooms are a dumping ground for mail, kids' stuff—just a mess that never gets cleared. And in some homes the room is totally ignored; no one ever sets foot in there. This depletes its energy, which makes it even less appealing. If you don't often use the room for meals, activate it in another way. Put a plant there so you're forced to come in and water it. Or bring your laptop in and use the space as an office.

Feng shui yellow is happy, nourishing, and hopeful. Depending on which direction your yellow tint or tone is headed, yellow is part of the fire or earth element in fengshui. Earth energy yellows are more than just sunshiney globs of smiles, though. Yellow provides a sweet infusion of cheer, hope, clarity, and creativity. The fengshui color aids in mental acuity while providing stability and nurturing vibes.
Compass directions with their assigned colors are the best way to go when selecting a color. There are exceptions, such as colors you should never use in rooms with specific purpose, such as a kitchen where the fire element is generated. Some colors are natural choices since they have an emotional or psychological effect, such as a restive green or tranquil blue. When in doubt about the best color to use, consider compass direction and room function.
To create change in your life, you must remove what is no longer working; create space for new energy. This is the decluttering phase. In the five elements cycle, it is the Metal phase where energy is refined and purified so that rebirth can later take place. Clutter is whatever is no longer in your highest and best interest to keep and whatever takes up valuable space the new incoming energy needs. Only have in your home items you use or love. When I do feng shui home consultations, oftentimes this is the only step needed. In cases where there is too much stuff within a space, it simply needs to be cleaned out. In doing so, favorite items can stand out and be seen.
If you do not have time to go through steps 1 and 2, skip them and just bring home a variety of paint color chips in all skin tones — from white to deep chocolate brown — and see which color creates the best energy in your bedroom. Skin color tones are considered the best feng shui colors for a bedroom, so you cannot really go wrong with these colors in your bedroom decor. In time, you might want to explore steps 1 and 2 because they will help you create really good feng shui energy in your whole home, as well as great feng shui energy in your specific bedroom.
This is regarded by the Chinese as the king of flowers, a flower of riches and honour, a Yang flower, and the essence of spring. The peony represents feminine beauty and of the many colours in which it comes, red is regarded as being especially lucky for families with daughters who are looking for a partner. If you buy a peony, plant it in the Southwest corner of your garden to attract relationship, marriage, or romance luck in the home. Other plants that resemble the peony may be used as substitutes although their flowers may not last as long. These include the hibiscus, gardenia and begonia. Begonias are quite easy to cultivate and are excellent for adding colour to the garden.
Black, as the absorber of all other colors, is fengshui’s unknown and infinite color. Black represents water element, which makes sense when you consider that deep water is not blue but rather black. Black color, as void as it may seem, actually adds depth and strength to any space through its defining fengshui role. Energy will be directed and guided through a careful use of the color black.

In the west and north west living room warm, silvery Gray color brings benlovent chi-energy. When there is too much grey it is dreary, tedious, and passive, without life and even draining to the physical body. Grey is too boring, conservative, dreary and without life. However this can be remedied with rich textures and materials. Colorful accessories that will add life to the room.
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So, where do you start with mastering the art of feng shui decorating? You start by understanding the 5 feng shui elements on a practical level, and not just the theoretical one. Play and experiment until you are comfortable with at least several main expressions of each feng shui element. To make it easy, I have detailed infographics that show the various ways each feng shui element is expressed in modern decor with colours, shapes and more.
To learn more about making the most of the space that's arguably the most utilized in any home (aka the living room), we tapped expert Laura Cerrano. "Depending on the layout of your home or apartment, the living room tends to be one of the first rooms that greets you upon entering," she explains. "This means that the presentation of your living room sets a certain feeling, emotion, mindset, and energetic frequency before you venture into the rest of your home."
The 2019 feng shui cures are applied on February 4th. Why? Because feng shui cures are usually applied on the Solar New Year (February 4th, 2019), not the Lunar New Year (February 5, 2019). Of course, you can also apply them at any time in 2019! The principle of “better late than never” sure applies when it comes to creating good feng shui in your space. Start with a clean and orderly home first; do not apply the yearly feng shui cures –- in fact, do not apply any feng shui cures -– if your house has chaotic energy created by clutter and lack of order/cleanliness.
Plants—associated with the wood element—are believed to adjust that balance. "We are wired to feel at ease in the company of nature," she explains. That said, she also warns against having too many plants at home: "When decorating with plants, be mindful that too many wood elements will also stall your thinking process. In order to think and feel clearly, we need other elements in our lives (metal, water, earth, and fire), so don't create a jungle that overrules your house."

Ok, let’s move on to specific feng shui wealth essentials. The main feng shui wealth color is gold, gold, gold (of course!)  In any decor items – mirrors,  frames, lamp bases, trays, coffee tables, etc – whatever your house decor can feel harmonious and happy with! Just be sure to actually love those golden beauties, do not bring something just for the sake of its look if you are not connected to it emotionally.
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