Because our energy is so interrelated with our home’s energy, we are positively or negatively affected by the positive or negative of energy within our home. If there is an energy imbalance in the feng shui of our home, the effects of that imbalance will show up somewhere in our life. Our home is a mirror of ourselves. Imbalances in the energy of our home could show up anywhere from health issues to relationship problems. For example, have you ever experienced a sudden shift—good or bad—in your life situation as soon as you move into a new home?

Stale air and poor lighting are big enemies of good feng shui, so give your room as much natural light and good air as possible. These are another foundation of good feng shui energy and there are many ways you can improve both. For example, if you only have a few small windows, decorate with mirrors to bring in more natural light and try to layer your indoor lighting.