The bamboo is widely represented in Chinese art, literature and poetry and is believed to have the power to ward off malign spirits if displayed in the home in the form of, for example, wind chimes or flutes. It also symbolizes durability and endurance (because it flourishes throughout the year) and a bamboo clump on the left side of your home to signify the dragon is highly auspicious. Planted near the front of the home, it attracts auspicious Chi flows.
One thing you never want to place in a dining room is a clock. The presence of a clock in this room means you could run out of abundance as the clock ticks away or winds down. Some feng shui practitioners believe a clock in the dining room will lead to a rushed meal and be unhealthy. There are several other rooms where you can place a clock in your home.
The earth element helps to generate nourishment, knowledge, and stability in your life. My favorite way to harness this element is by decorating with gorgeous stones and crystals I’ve collected throughout the years. I find that creating different designs with them is quite a therapeutic, meditative practice for me. Terracotta planters and natural salt rock lamps are two more fun ways to get your earth element fix. You can also decorate with square shapes and sandy colors, including light yellow and light brown. The earth element works best in bagua areas of the Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, West, and Center.
In traditional feng shui, the center of your floor plan (if you draw it out and make a big X through it from corner to corner), is a great place for yellow to create a grounded and healthy space. Yellow can make your eyes tired, so it isn't a great color for notepads and website backgrounds. Yellow is also a color associated with stimulating the intuition in some schools of thought.

The concept of best feng shui colors for 2019 applies not only to clothing but also to various accessories, such as jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc. It also applies to home decor items. Of course, because 2019 is an Earth element year, crystals are one of the best feng shui cure to bring into your home as they express the energy of the Earth element. To strengthen their power further — either as home decor items or as jewelry you wear — choose crystals in the best colors for 2019. 

Use money plants to purify the air in your home. Money plants – also known as philodendron scandens – are believed to attract energy that encourages abundance. They are a common indoor feng shui tree. They can grow in dark corners as long as you keep the tree’s soil moisturized. They also have the added benefit of purifying the air in your home.[10]
There are many aspects and variables that come into play in designing a space with feng shui in mind. (Check out homedit’s previous articles on incorporating feng shui into the office and bedroom.) Color plays a particularly important role. In fact, each color is an expression of one of the five elements of feng shui. You may have heard of them: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Color is used in specific areas of the home intentionally so as to bring about positive chi and harmony.
The rearranging step gives you time to organize and clarify what you really want. After you declutter, you may see your rooms in a whole different light. You may decide that a room needs an entirely different function. For example, after decluttering a guest bedroom, maybe you realize you would rather it be a home office instead. Or maybe after decluttering, you can finally move the bed to its optimal position with space to add nightstands. The point is to make any necessary adjustments in the feng shui of your house with what is remaining before adding new energy. This way, you will have more clarity about what new energy you want to bring into your space. Referring back to my refrigerator analogy, I probably should do the rearranging step even before I go to the grocery store to get an even better idea of what I want and need.
It is not advisable to put water or water feature inside the bedroom as it will have after effects. Feng shui is not a simple subject where items are literal representation of items. Yes it does work sometimes but it depends on a case to case basis. So I really hope that only through proper professional advice, will then people take action or else the consequences will be dire.

General neglect. Some people's dining rooms are a dumping ground for mail, kids' stuff—just a mess that never gets cleared. And in some homes the room is totally ignored; no one ever sets foot in there. This depletes its energy, which makes it even less appealing. If you don't often use the room for meals, activate it in another way. Put a plant there so you're forced to come in and water it. Or bring your laptop in and use the space as an office.