1. Center of the House. The center area of your home belongs to the Earth element. Because Wood has the ability to weaken the Earth element, the center of your house is not the best place for indoor plants. This is not to say that placing plants there is completely out of the question. If you feel like the area can use some plants, place small ones instead of large ones.

According to feng shui, a room's color should be in accordance with the cardinal direction it faces. But how do you find that out? "In order to properly assess this direction, stand in the center of your home and with the aid of a compass, find the direction of your home office. Then, choose colors harmonious with that direction." Ready to find the paint color for your workspace that will bring you productivity and prosperity? Brown gives us the lowdown on feng shui office colors according to their cardinal direction.
There are several colors best suited for a feng shui bathroom that can enhance or prevent specific things such as losses. The bathroom is inauspicious since waste water is negative chi and this represents the loss of wealth. You can counter this effect with some yang colors, but yin colors work best. When using dark colors (yang) be sure to add lighter colors (yin) to maintain a good feng shui balance of yin and yang colors.
The feng shui color of deep water and the universal void, color black adds depth, strength, and definition to any space. You can use it to bring stronger energy to any space, from your main entry to your kitchen. Are there any restrictions for the feng shui use of the color black? Yes, it is best not to use black color in your baby's room or on your bedroom ceiling.
That's up to you. Some people love looking outside and seeing life go by; others feel invaded. But if you have a big window opposite the front door, the energy can fly right out the window, so it's good to address that: Use drapes or blinds. Or put something in front of the window, like a plant or a pretty reflective bowl, to bounce energy back into the room.
If you’ve ever been to the desert Southwest, then you are familiar with the Earth element. For example, a typical Santa Fe home is made of adobe because of the abundance of clay dirt. Weaved baskets and terra cotta pots are common accessories. The Southwest motif usually consists of a combination of squares and rectangles. Earth tones are usually used throughout the spaces to blend with the landscape. All of these are examples of the Earth element at use in the feng shui of a house. In Southwest décor, the Fire element is often used in tandem with the Earth element as the two elements pair nicely with each other. Wood beams and furniture are also used as a contrasting element.
The best way we can positively contribute to achieving balance on the planet—clearly so much larger than ourselves—is to take care of what we do have control over, that is, our own spaces: our body and our homes with the art and science of feng shui. We each have our own cycle of the five elements taking place within ourselves constantly striving for balance. For example, the specific goal of acupuncture is to correct imbalances of the five elements within us and to properly promote the flow of chi throughout the body. Each organ system and meridian line correlates to one of the five elements.
At its worst, unskilled feng shui decorating creates ridiculous, weak and conflicting energy that visually resembles a cheap Chinese restaurant struggling to attract more customers. A good feng shui space is not easily detectable by its visual signs; if you can look and say “Oh, this space has definitely been feng shui-ed!”, know this can be a red flag. Having windchimes, fountains, lucky bamboo plants and money frogs in any given space – be it home or office – does not make it a good feng shui space. Basically, feng shui decorating means applying the feng shui wisdom to create harmonious energy in any home, be it modern, classical or mid-century.
There are 5 elements in feng shui and your personal energy is defined by one of these feng shui elements. This means there are specific colors that are supporting your energy, and then there are colours that can weaken you. It is good to know the colors that nourish your personal feng shui birth element, as well as the colors that you should avoid in big proportions. For example, if your birth element is Wood, then a predominantly red or a pink bedroom wall colour is considered not very good feng shui for you. Read: Find Out Your Personal Birth Element
Untouched nature is our best example of the five elements cycle. We can see nature finding balance of birth, death, and rebirth in the animal food chain, trees competing for sunlight, seasons promoting growth and death, and even in drastic compensations in the form of forest fires and volcanic eruptions. All are necessary for survival of the species, and in the end it is about the sustainability of our planet earth. After all, without Earth maintaining its balance, all species would perish.
Define the Bagua, or the feng shui energy map, of your house, by using one of the two main feng shui methods: the classical school Bagua or the BTB grid. Once you define the Bagua, you will know which areas of your home are connected to specific areas of your life. For example, in traditional feng shui, the Southeast feng shui area of your home is connected to the flow of money energy in your life.
The Year of the Pig brings fortune and luck in making money to all who are responsible and optimistic. People who are born in one of following years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031, 2043 are born under the Pig sign and benefit from this symbol even more.  Their investments are efficient, and relationships get strong in 2019. The year of the Earth Pig is excellent for investments, starting a family, making new friends. 2019 is the year full of joy and love for all the zodiac signs. The Eart Pig sign attracts success in all areas of life.
The three deities should be placed side by side like the image shown above. Shou should be on the left of the viewer, Lu in the middle, and Fu on the far right, just as Chinese characters are traditionally written from right to left. However, Chinese are read and written from left to right today, and the placement order of the deities are reversed.
Natural and artificial lighting is one of the best and easiest ways to bring in the Fire element into spaces. After all, the sun is the ultimate Fire element. Windows provide a portal connecting our interior spaces with the exterior world, particularly natural light. Without windows, we would be living in a closed box that would be extremely dark and yin. In most floor plans, as many windows as possible are built into homes for this reason. We are generally drawn to light because the Fire element is life force to us. Our home is our refuge from the rest of the world. The proportion of windows to solid walls will determine how much of a sense of public exposure, which is yang energy, to privacy, which is a yin energy, we will have.

It’s important to note that cluttering is different than expansion. We are meant to expand. Our world is meant to get bigger with more experiences, more people, and perhaps even more possessions. But sustainable expansion only comes with contraction. Otherwise, we expand too much too quickly. This is what causes stress and anxiety. Before you can add new stuff to your life without becoming overwhelmed, there has to be a refining process.
Ok, let’s move on to specific feng shui wealth essentials. The main feng shui wealth color is gold, gold, gold (of course!)  In any decor items – mirrors,  frames, lamp bases, trays, coffee tables, etc – whatever your house decor can feel harmonious and happy with! Just be sure to actually love those golden beauties, do not bring something just for the sake of its look if you are not connected to it emotionally.
What if rejuvenating your life was as simple as moving a few things around? According to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui (pronounced "fung shway"), it is. Based on the idea that your living space reflects your life, feng shui strives to achieve balance in both. Feng shui holds that all objects possess an energy called chi, and that you can use this chi to bring luck, wealth, and opportunity into your home. "With feng shui, you don't have to spend 20 years on the couch [with a therapist] to change your life – you just have to move the couch," says Ellen Whitehurst, author of Make This Your Lucky Day: Fun and Easy Secrets and Shortcuts to Success, Romance, Health, and Harmony (Random House, January 2008). Try these ten tips to get that energy flowing.

For children’s beds, this might not apply, but for an adult, feng shui would have you leave sufficient room on either side of the bed for a safe and comfortable exit. This is common sense for a master bed that sleeps two, but it applies to beds for single sleepers as well. Remember, we’re encouraging positive chi and flow, and you don’t want good energy being stopped dead in its tracks on a wall side of the bed!

As Feng Shui is concerned with how you arrange your environment, you should also carefully consider where you place your plants. Although cacti are often said to cause arguments because of their spikes, they actually shield you from negative energy. However, they need to be placed in lower traffic areas of the workplace, such as washrooms. In fact, as this area attracts negative energy, placing a cactus in the bathroom is one of the best things you can do to improve it.
Clay, which is a derivative of the soil, is used to create a variety of materials, such as adobe, tile, and pottery. When fire is used in conjunction with clay, it hardens and creates a more solid substance. This is how the interplay of the Fire element and Earth element work according to feng shui and Daoist principles. On the other hand, adobe architecture is not conducive in wet climates because the Earth element and Water element are not compatible and will result in mold and mud.

Define the Bagua, or the feng shui energy map, of your house, by using one of the two main feng shui methods: the classical school Bagua or the BTB grid. Once you define the Bagua, you will know which areas of your home are connected to specific areas of your life. For example, in traditional feng shui, the Southeast feng shui area of your home is connected to the flow of money energy in your life.

The rearranging step gives you time to organize and clarify what you really want. After you declutter, you may see your rooms in a whole different light. You may decide that a room needs an entirely different function. For example, after decluttering a guest bedroom, maybe you realize you would rather it be a home office instead. Or maybe after decluttering, you can finally move the bed to its optimal position with space to add nightstands. The point is to make any necessary adjustments in the feng shui of your house with what is remaining before adding new energy. This way, you will have more clarity about what new energy you want to bring into your space. Referring back to my refrigerator analogy, I probably should do the rearranging step even before I go to the grocery store to get an even better idea of what I want and need.
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I see your concern, because Wood controls the Earth element in the Northeast. First, I would check whether your plants are really in the Northeast. You’ll need to divide your floor plan into 8 pieces, according to the 8 cardinal directions. If they’re really in the Northeast, you can either (1) place smaller plants and/or (2) introduce some fire element to weaken the wood energy.

Considering that it's halfway between red and violet in wavelength, you might think we should see it as green … but instead we come up with magenta in our brain. This is part of the reason that magenta is associated with magic! I always write my wish lists and to-do lists in magenta. Try magenta in places that could benefit from more imagination and some positive energy.
Interior designer Terri Tan drew up storage solutions in many areas to fulfil the homeowners' requirement. “The dining table was custom-designed to include storage in the table support. We even managed to have full-height storage integrated with the lift at every level,” she says. The dining area, cosy and warm, is infused with a luxe feel with leather, matte and glossy surfaces, as well as metallic finishes. 
You can't benefit from the positive energies (or opportunities) that flow through your front door if they zip right out the back door. If you open the front door and there's a direct line to the back door or a window, that's runaway chi. "You want chi to run in a meandering pattern so it can deposit good energy throughout your home," says Varone. You can stop runaway chi by placing furniture or some other decorative object in or near the questionable path and by using rugs to impede energy flow. Hanging a room separator or a faceted crystal near one of the doors will help, too.
Neutrals may be one of the most popular color palettes utilized in homes, and it's easy to see why. A neutral color scheme is timeless, suits all styles, and is easier to curate than when working with bold colors. Neutrals also express feng shui colors of the earth element, which offers stability and protection for relationships. This makes it an excellent choice for any area of the home and an especially grounding force in central areas like the living room. Because the earth element also encourages inner balance, colors like beige, sand, and taupe can also be beneficial in the bedroom or even an office or study.

This is a simple concept but not always easy to accomplish. As our lives become busier, so, too, can our cluttered areas if we’re not vigilant about keeping them free and clear. “Breathing space,” you might say. In feng shui, this isn’t just a good idea – it’s imperative so as to remove old, tired energy from a space so fresh, positive vibes can enter…and remain.