There is a specific money area in feng shui that needs to be treated right, and for this, you have to know the bagua, or the feng shui energy of your space. Here I am referring to the creation of a small altar/shrine/sacred space that you devote to the energy of wealth. It can be anywhere (except your bathroom, laundry or garage), and as big or as small as you like. Basically, you want to create an area that has the task of collecting wealth energy. Decorate it with meaningful to you items of wealth (jewelry, specific photos, objects of value, etc),  as well as good feng shui energy activators such as crystals and plants.
Hi, i wanted to place a large aquarium in my living hall but unfortunately, the place that allows me to have the aquarium falls into 5 ghosts sector and may crossover a bit to my wealth sector while the other main part of My wealth sector turn out to be the staircase and a toilet underneath the staircase. I saw contradicting articles about putting aquarium in the 5 ghosts sector, with one suggested that the water in the aquarium will “put off” the 5 ghosts element of fire and it will become harmless while another forbidding the placement of aquarium in the 5 ghosts sector…I am confused and would like to hear more from you. Thanks.
Dating in 2018 is difficult. In fact, in this modern technological age, dating is becoming progressively harder. An apparent surfeit of potential candidates from the vast range of dating apps and websites. Unrealistic expectations, especially in this age of Instagram etc. People are not settling down until later in life – job insecurity, high rents … Continue reading Dating using Feng Shui Love (A Definitive Guide)

As you'd probably expect, your headboard and bed frame play a significant role in optimizing the feng shui of your bedroom, according to Cerrano. Choose "a solid wooden headboard and frame," she suggests. This "is a common suggestion in Western feng shui because the element of wood relates to the symbolic nature of supporting your body and energy when sleeping," she explains.

I got a turtle 6 months ago on the road and i got it home bcz i love animals. I left it in my garden so that it can move freely and can go wherever he wants! Bt even aftr 6 months its still der in my house! Right now i have placed him in the backyard which is in W direction. My question is where should i keep it so that it increases wealth and prosperity in the family?

Objects have energy; that’s why we can have such strong feelings about them. Items from our exes have a powerful vibration that is both negative and pulls us toward the past. Think about stumbling upon an object from a past relationship. Paying close attention, what emotions arise when you see, hold, or wear this item? The best-case scenario is that you feel nostalgia, melancholy, or the distant ache of a fond memory. The worst-case scenario is you spiral into regret, anger, recrimination, loneliness, or heartache. The most effective way to shift your energy—conscious and subconscious—to a positive, present state is to part with the negative items in your space.
We are a family of 6 with my husband, and 2 kids age 5 and 3, my dad and sis in law. We sleep in bedroom 1, my dad sleeps in bedroom 2 and my sis in law at the servants room. I humbly need your advise on money and career growth. And i want a stable and increase income in my career. I also have other questions: where will we put our dog? he is at the covered patio near main door. Where is best place to put aquarium? And lastly, what will we do with our neighbors in the north and east side of the house? There house is higher than us and sometimes they can be a bit of a bother.
Love, relationships, and marriage is the life area connected to the southwest bagua area of your home. It is recommended to always express, at least in some of your southwest feng shui cures, the energy desired in your ideal love relationship. If you are looking for love or you want to replenish the energy that nourishes your present love relationship or marriage, the feng shui in this area should reflect this. The feng shui element of the southwest bagua area is earth, so the cures you will bring into this area should be either of the earth element or of fire, the element that nourishes the earth.
Refrain from positioning your bed directly under a beam. A beam may create feelings of pressure that can disrupt your sleep. If you have no other options, cover the beam with fabric or hang 2 bamboo flutes from the beam with the mouthpieces pointed downward. This will help block some of the unwanted energy coming from above the bed. The idea is that you don't want to feel threatened in your sleep.

The association of the energy of water with wealth is obvious, very ancient and present in all cultures. Fountains are the most popular feng shui for wealth cure,  so if you love fountains, find one (or more) good quality fountains and place them in the best feng shui areas of your home (either inside or outside). I adore this water bell fountain by Woodstock, a classic by now and absolutely the best feng shui fountain I ever experienced! Be sure not to place a fountain in your bedroom – this is not good feng shui.

A most amazing use of red inside a home was in an old San Francisco Victorian building. The couple had painted the back wall of the bedroom a very sophisticated red, a very deep red. My first words were, “How many coats?” They said, “Five, and in some places six.” It does take more than one coat to get saturation with the color red. This was ultra-saturation, and there was a frieze along the top foot of the high wall. They had taken lines from an Antonio Machado poem and stenciled them in large letters so that you read it by turning fully around in the room. The words were something like, “I dreamed there were bees, and they were taking all the foibles and troubles of my life and making honey and honeycomb.” It was one of the most wonderful rooms I’ve ever been in.

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Since energy enters through the main portal (read: your front door), you don't want to have it shoot straight up the stairs, says the feng shui expert. Remember how you envisioned the chi as a guest? When you invite a visitor into your home, it would be weird for them to head straight to the fridge or the bedroom, right? Instead, you want them to linger in the common area.