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Nature is the ultimate manifestation of unlimited wealth and abundance, so replicating the lush energy of nature in your home will help you attract the same quality of energy. Money plant or not, lucky bamboo or not, know that decorating your home with lush, verdant happy plants in good looking, solid pots is an excellent feng shui wealth magnet. The East, the Southeast, and the South areas are the most greenery loving feng shui areas in your home.

The ancient Chinese method of Feng Shui helps us to balance our homes and create happier, more successful lives, room by room. We often turn our attention to the bedroom, the sanctuary where we can rest and recharge. Having the proper Feng Shui in the bedroom can help your romantic life as well as your ability to rest and to feel in control. You have to know how to keep the chi flowing, and how to deflect any negative energy that may enter your room -- and your life.
The beauty of feng shui wisdom is that once you actually experience it, you realize how deeply the cosmic energy (called Chi) is connected to you. It communicates with you all the time because its sole purpose is your healing, happiness, and well-being on all levels. It is constantly calling you to awaken to a life of higher joy and beauty. And then you go even deeper and understand that you are the expression of this all-powerful, majestic and beautiful Universal energy. If you just allow yourself to express the love and beauty that you already are, the most amazing relationships will come into your life.

The Five Elements theory behind Feng Shui states that we should have little bits of nature in our homes, including: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Having plants in the home offers earth, especially if they are in a terracotta pot; a small fish bowl allows some water into the home; metal and wood are easily incorporated into furniture, and fire can be represented by the lighting of an organic candle or incense every now and then. This reaffirms our links to nature–something that we all subconsciously need.

The feng shui tips for money are simple to incorporate into your home. Feng shui for wealth won’t bring you abundance if you don’t strive for it. What feng shui for prosperity does is provide support and foster a space to attract the energy of wealth and money into your life. These feng shui tips for money will create a flow of energy in your home that welcomes wealth and abundance. Use these feng shui tips for wealth in the home or office.
A good Feng Shui principle is to place the desk or work space to the command position of your room. Usually, this is diagonally from the entrance but the position makes sure that the door is directly not in your line of sight. It makes you feel that you’re the commander of your own energy and attracts wealth and prosperity. Make sure there are no windows behind you when you arrange your desk this way since a window drains out finances and does not support you.
I’m hoping you can help me with wealth and health areas of my home. Recently, all of us (kids and parents) have gotten injured and/or sick. Also, our finances are not moving forward. We are trying to buy a house, but face one obstacle after another. I’ve drawn a rough layout of our two story home. We are currently renting. Our landlords had a mirror above the stairs, but removed it when they did some repairs. I’m wondering if that is when the troubles started.
First, this means getting rid of items that were gifts from, or previously belonged to, the old partner. If you shared a bed with this person, it’s ideal to replace it. (The next best thing would be to perform a thorough bed clearing. Complete instructions for such a clearing can be found in my book Magical Housekeeping.) After that, energetically clear the space. Here’s how.
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Put your books elsewhere. You can keep a few books in your room if you read to put yourself to sleep, but too many books can make you feel overwhelmed in the space. Your bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, and if you have too many books there, it will be too much like a place for work. Too many books in your resting space can also be overwhelming.[4]
Feng shui is a set of principles to help align one’s living space with who they are and what they want. The practice has been around for thousands of years, but it’s not stodgy or outdated. In fact, it’s seen quite the Western resurgence in recent years, with thousands of trained feng shui consultants currently offering services across the country. Oddly enough, even Donald Trump reportedly hired a feng shui consultant back in 1995.
The positioning of your bed is extremely important for proper Feng Shui energy flow. A bed should never be west-facing. Nor should it be placed under a support beam. Your headboard should not lean against a window; however, it should lean against a solid wall, but never the bathroom wall. A bed should be parallel or perpendicular to a wall and should not face the bedroom door directly. Finally, a bed should not face a mirror.

In feng shui philosophy, your bedroom symbolizes you and affects you the most. We spend many hours sleeping in our beds, so the feng shui of our bedrooms is of the utmost importance. Once you get the bed in the commanding position, it’s also important to have space available on both sides of the bed. This means that you’ve made space for your partner (or future partner). Believe me: Nobody likes to sleep on the wall side! This also allows for a nightstand on each side of the bed. The nightstands do not have to match; however, it’s better if they are similar in size. If possible, there should be at least 2 feet of walking space on the left and right side of the bed, with the headboard against the wall. Yes, you do need a headboard! A solid headboard without bars or holes, fastened securely to the bed, creates stability and harmony. Finally, take some time to make your bed every morning and thank it for supporting you every night. It’s a beautiful way to start your day with a little bit of order and peace. That energy resonates throughout the whole day until your bed welcomes you back to sleep at night.
The far left corner of your backyard is also a feng shui Money Corner and should be maintained with special care. Make it inviting with plantings or a decorative object (such as a purple gazing ball) that draws the eye. Do not keep your garbage cans here, but it is fine to have a compost bin—you are making rich soil. One of my California clients had a locked shipping container permanently parked in the Money Corner of her backyard. She said it was full of old files and records, but that she had lost the key years ago. She was having a lot of trouble decluttering her home, and the stagnation in the Wealth Corner of her yard was exacerbating the situation. The feng shui solution in a case like that is a call to the locksmith.
For efficiency's sake, it's never practical to have two work stations situated back-to-back. Think about what it'll look like when two people are cooking. This is why many kitchen experts will suggest a triangular set up between the fridge, stove, and sink. But Benko suggests there is also a feng shui reasoning behind it: "There can be a conflict in the house when you have fire right across from water—water puts out fire."