Looking for a new job can be all- consuming and frustrating, especially if your LinkedIn and Glassdoor searches feel fruitless or résumés have been met with silence. “Let go of anything that is not in alignment,” says Lohan. If the books in your home o ce are all about your previous line of work, swap them out for texts that are essential to your current industry. Is there something new you want to learn or a company you’ve set your sights on? Bring in a book or object that’s related to it, Lohan advises. “It doesn’t need to be on display; it can be discreetly hidden. But you know it’s there, your house knows it’s there and you’re seeding the desired result. That’s really what I love about feng shui—it helps you create a fertile environment.”

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Feng shui is a Chinese metaphysical philosophy that brings harmony to an environment. Good feng shui does not bring you wealth if you do not strive for it, but it does give you the necessary support to seek your wealth and fortune. Feng shui also helps you use various methods to create an environment at home and in the office that will strengthen you and attract the feng shui energies of prosperity and wealth.
Leaves can look like coins or they can look like paper money. Paper money is my favorite, but coins are better than nothing. Dieffenbachia species (also called dumb cane) has large dark green leaves with spots of white that are reminiscent of large paper currency. Jade plant (Crassula ovata) and its close relative silver dollar plant (Crassula arborescens) have rounded fat leaves which are like big coins, so they are good in the Wealth Corner.
Aromas are also very important for good Feng Shui. A calming smell like lavender or orange oil can de-stress and be very relaxing for the body, mind, and soul. It is also important to keep your bedclothes clean because dingy sheets and blankets create terrible aromas that can create negative vibes in your bedroom. Plus, who enjoys sleeping in a dirty bed?
In feng shui, houses are absorbing most of the needed energy nourishment via the front door, so the stronger your front door, the more good feng shui energy it can absorb. And the more good feng shui energy your door can absorb, the better energy is there to support you!Having a strong feng shui front door It is a bit like having a clear, strong voice and speaking up for yourself/letting yourself and your needs be known. Houses need to have a clear voice, too.
While some traditional Chinese feng shui money cures such as the three legged toad, the Dragon Turtle, the Gem Tree or the Lucky Cat might not appeal to your taste (I know I do not use them!); there are still plenty of popular and powerful feng shui for wealth cures that you might like. Look into the Lucky Bamboo, the Wealth Ship or the Money Tree, to name just a few, and see if your money area can benefit from their energy.

The idea, says Benko, is to strike a balance between all elements. "A lot of times, people are drawn to elements that they either need more of, or that's a great cause of imbalance in their lives." For instance, people having issues with aggression should be mindful of not having too much fire elements as part of their decor, like a bright red wall. Conversely, personality types lacking motivation should infuse more of the fire element in their homes to give them a boost.